The commission for MaverickhunterDboy slowly progresses, one skunk gal at a time… xD”

Working on the biggest commission ever #memokkeen #sketch #anthro #drawing #wipart

kriswinter replied to your post with a photo: …because you all need to understand ho…

…because you all need to understand how serious of an artist I am

Fun with chic-kee-n XD

I… I won’t even explain these

For chic-kee-n XD

Why must you inspire me into greatness

Also Gandalf, you on acid again

A little something for me friend Chaosie whose birthday was recently ~

mm boobies

Working on a massive commission for MaverickHunterDBoy on Furaffinity.

So much planning @_@

For :icondamnevildog: DamnEvilDog <3

Because you’re amazing and a good friend and also thank you so much for buying all those things from my garage sale and I’M SO SORRY THE FIGURINES BROKE omg ;o;

I really tried to pack them securely… =_=”

But really! Thanks for everything <3

Working on a commission. Designing different skunk anthro girls #memokkeen #commission #art #instart #artistsoninstagram #drawing #sketch #anthro #pencilsketch #instalike #like4like #girls

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Haha congrats! You always put so much effort into your drawings, you deserve it :D

Thank you for saying so… I do try but I still don’t feel like I deserve it asdf

I want to gloat a little

…or well no really gloat (…or I suppose gloat) that I just got the biggest commission I’ve ever received and I got 160 $ for it.


Which is kinda a big deal since I don’t get commissions often enough to make a living or anything off of it, and I’m kinda under-priced, so amassing that kind of sum for me personally is like holy shit


…now to get to work and actually finish it so I have earned my money… Gosh I’ve never gotten this much money from art at a time ever before o_o

starscraper-g0d replied to your photo “Someone stayed up until 6am drawing this. Oops. #memokkeen #portrait…”

Derp I was gona say art nouveau stuff but u had mucha in the tag derp derp me.

Alphonse Mucha = the God of art nouveau ouo
I love his art so much <3 I have a BIG artbook and a calendar, from 2012 I think, with his art <333

starscraper-g0d replied to your photo “Someone stayed up until 6am drawing this. Oops. #memokkeen #portrait…”

That style is actually hard for me to do since I like making a mess. Props to u tho ‘W’

(Scrubs gif for my bby <3)

Haha thanks but I’m really not that neat… TRUST ME I’M NOT xD
My artistic process is like… cleaning up a yarnball gone haywire all over the place… clean up the mess into art..

CONFESSION: I am the janitor (of art). 8D

But to srs for a moment; you should totally try out this kind of style if you want! I’m sure it’d turn out amazing balls <3

starscraper-g0d replied to your photo “Made a cover for my brown paper sketchbook Awww yis.”

NYAAAAAAAAAA WOW this reminds me of cute vintage stuff, this is so cute. Decorating stuff is so fun!

Thanks! I’m not quite sure what I was aiming at, and some things I added just to fill the spaces lmao like "hmm add a paw print here?"

"GENIUS! space filled"

Also went overboard with the white but OH WELL it was my first time (*blush*) and kinda fun höhöhö

(…I’ve slept like… 3h after work… I NEED SLEEP… I’m sorry for the madness (not really (unless someone’s offended (and even then only if it’s a legitimate reason to be offended(…maybe(ducks.))))