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sometimes I forget that rulers work with tablets and I get really frustrated with my inability to freehand straight lines





This is so obvious I’ve never thought about it


So… Mujinai mentioned it’s her birthday soon (and lately haven’t really been on dA to notice the notification on approaching birthdays), annnd she was a bit down over a thing so I basically picked up my pen and scrolled through her gallery as to what  does she love.

First I was thinking of drawing her OC Mushai because I love her and… Fen..? Omg idk why but I love that couple… anyways… discovered while looking at her gallery that these two *points up to art*  are the thing and skimmed through some her descriptions and found out they’re from Pokémon, a son and a father I think?
Point being, I’ve almost no idea who these two are and how they behave XD I just drew them because Muji draws them a lot and loves them a lot and thought drawing them would make her happy.

…except… the dad, Kurotsugu..? I think mixed him up with another character a bit XD So idk if I got his coat wrong “orz
Also, the kind… Jun? …well I got the impression from Muji’s art that he’s kind of a brat or smug at least! So wtf I draw him all sweetiepie and crying and daddy comforting him..? Idk… maybe it reflected the mood of our recent discussions..? It just… felt right, even if not by the characters… *feels ashamed*

*clears throat* Anyways. Muji, thanks for these past months, it’s been fun and deffo interesting! Here’s hoping for a few more. And a happy birthday to you dear, I hope your birthday will kick ass and you’ll continue to be harder, better, faster, strongeeeer~*Daft Punk moment*
No really. I believe in you and that you’ll continue to be amazing, and become even greater. You’re my hero darling ouo

… *rubs chips on Muji’s chest* XD

Characters (c) Pokémon
Art (c) Memokken
Awesome Muji art I looked at while drawing these babbins (which you should totally check out omg gorgeous) :

http://mujinai.deviantart.com/art/pearly-whites-468633825 (OMG ITS THE WRONG CHARACTER LMFAO)
http://mujinai.deviantart.com/art/Doodle-Dump-3-433506952 (from these doodles picked up the back of the coat and… wondered if it belonged to that blue-eyed character I mixed up with Kurotsugu… .____. )

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Thanks !

Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. You can see how her eyes sparkle! ouo #memokkeen #art #drawing #finalfantasy #chibi #traditionalart

Drawing chibies continues! Inks vs. Sketch #memokkeen #persona3 #shinmegamitensei #fanart #chibi #drawing #traditionalart #art #artwip

Imo, can’t get Re-l just right…sodrawing her over and over again shsgshdjfjkkkddsgfff

Drawing Spock because why not

Taking in suggestions / requests!

So I am drawing 2-3 sample pictures of in-con commissions I will sell…

Taking in requests/suggestions as to who to draw!

Please request fanart and not OCs <3
Am willing to try drawing real people and not only anime fanart, like LOTR/Sherlock/Doctor Who/Supernatural etc etc etc

I’m too busy and lazy to scan stuff. But lookie here. I am working on things.

Plan is to sell the originals of these chibies in the con. Laminated. Woop woop.

I was trying to make samples of commissions I’ll be selling during Tracon IX, but I ended up making this way more detailed than I can possibly manage during the con.

Attempting to make some easy 15 minute bust doodles, but this one took me with it and took about 45 minutes to make. It wasn’t what I wanted or tried to make, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. <3

Re-I Mayer from Ergo Proxy.

Rei chibi done, to be sold at Tracon <3 #memokkeen #art #chibi #anime #manga #evangelion #nge #reiayanami #ayanamirei #copic #copicart

Re-I Mayer from Ergo Proxy #memokkeen #art #ergoproxy #fanart #manga #anime #drawing #pencil #traditionalart #like4like

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your chibis are always so awesome ugh